Photography by Kirke Wrench

2022 Mill Valley Film Festival - MVFF45

Opening Night Gala

Opening Night Gala

Untitled photo

Kirke Wrench is an award winning photographer that is well known for his landscape photography featuring the San Francisco Bay Area and his iconic images of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  Kirke is also  a VIP photographer with the National Park Service where he likes to concentrate on wildlife photography. His photos appear in many NPS publications and have been used by National Geographic. As a contributing photo journalist with AOL's  news service,  hundred of Kirke's photos  have appeared online and in news articles around the country .

Kirke's photos and note cards are available at galleries and retailers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  All photos are available in note card format, please contact us  at (415) 517-0870 or email us at for details.

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